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Tag Peptides

  1. Cat.No. Product Name Information
  2. A6001 3X FLAG Peptide Synthetic peptide tag
  3. A6009 VSV-G Peptide Peptide sequence-YTDIEMNRLGK
  4. A6008 T7 Tag Peptide Peptide sequence-MASMTGGQQMG
  5. A6007 S Tag Peptide Pancreatic RNase A derivtive
  6. A6006 Hexa His tag peptide Synthetic 6XHis peptide
  7. A6005 V5 Epitope Tag Peptide Peptide sequence-GKPIPNPLLGLDST
  8. A6004 Influenza Hemagglutinin (HA) Peptide Epitope of HA tag peptide
  9. A6003 c-Myc tag Peptide Synthetic peptide tag
  10. A6002 FLAG tag Peptide Versatile fusion tag
  11. A6010 X-press Tag Peptide Petide sequence-DLYDDDDK

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