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Neuraminidase Activity Fluorometric Assay Kit

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Detects neuraminidase (NA) activity, sensitive.
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Neuraminidase (NA) is an enzyme that catalyzes the hydrolysis of terminal sialic acid residues from the newly formed virions. NA plays an important role in the replication of influenza virus and the invasion of target cells. NA is also involved in the prevention of self-aggregation of virus and the elution of progeny viruses from infected cells. Hence, NA is an important target for the prevention of the spread of influenza virus.

 The Neuraminidase Activity Fluorometric Assay Kit provides a sensitive, simple, fast and convenient way for detection of NA activity in various biological samples based on fluorometric method (Ex/Em = 530/590 nm). In the assay, NA Probe is used to detect the neuraminidase activity. The assay is suitable for high-throughput adaptable assay. The kit can detect as low as 2.0 mU/mL NA activity in a variety of samples.

Features & Properties

FeaturesSimple, rapid & convenient; The assay can detect neuraminidase activity <2 mU/mL in a variety of samples.
ShippingGel pack.
Storage ConditionsStore at -20°C.

Quality Control

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Kit componentsNA Assay Buffer, NA Probe (in DMSO, anhydrous), NA Substrate (Lyophilized), NA Enzyme Mix I (Lyophilized), NA Enzyme Mix II (Lyophilized), Galactose Standard (100 nmol/µL), NA Positive Control