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Maltose Colorimetric/Fluorometric Assay Kit

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Detects maltose, sensitive.
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100 assays
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Maltose (C12H22O11) is a major disaccharide formed from two units of glucose joined by an α-1,4-glycosidic linkage and is produced from hydrolysis of starch in food. Maltose is a main fuel source to generate the energy molecule ATP. Maltose can be easily converted to two glucoses by α-D-glucosidase.

The Maltose Colorimetric/Fluorometric Assay Kit provides a sensitive, fast and convenient way for detection of maltose in various biological samples (plasma, serum, body fluids, growth medium, food, etc.) based on colorimetric and fluorometric method. In the assay, maltose is converted to glucose by α-D-glucosidase. Glucose is specifically oxidized to generate a product that interacts with the probe to yield fluorescence (Ex/Em = 538/587 nm) and color (λmax = 570 nm).

Features & Properties

FeaturesFast and convenient; Simple procedure; Takes approx. 1 hour; Kit contains all necessary reagents for accurate measurement of maltose.
ShippingGel pack.
Storage ConditionsStore at -20°C.

Quality Control

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Store at -20°C.


Kit componentsMaltose Assay Buffer, Maltose Probe ( in DMSO, Anhydrous), α-D-Glucosidase (Lyophilized), Enzyme Mix (Lyophilized), Maltose Standard (100 nmol/µL)