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Granzyme B Activity Fluorometric Assay Kit

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Detects Apoptosis & Necrosis within 10 min
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Granzyme B (GZMB, EC number or Granzyme-2 is a serine protease located in the granules of activated cytotoxic T cells and Natural Killer cells. After target cell contact, Granzyme B is directionally exocytosed and enters the target cell which is facilitated by perforin. Granzyme B shows distinctive substrate specificity that prefers an aspartic acid residue at the P1 site of its substrates. It mediates and promotes different pro-caspases thus activating apoptosis in the target cells. This Granzyme B Activity Assay Kit can be used in different biological samples, it hydrolyzes the specific substrate to release the quench of fluorescent group, which can be detected fluorometrically at Ex/Em = 380/500 nm.

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FeaturesSimple and Sensitive. Rapid and convenient. Kit contains all necessary reagents for measuring Granzyme B Activity.
ShippingGel pack
Storage ConditionsStore at -20°C.

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Granzyme B Activity Fluorometric Assay Kit
Subtract 0 Standard reading from all readings. Plot the AFC Standard Curve. Calculate the Granzyme B activity of the test sample: ∆RFU = R2 – R1. Apply ∆RFU to the AFC Standard Curve to get B pmol of AFC generated due to hydrolyzation of substrate by Granzyme B during the reaction time (∆T = T2 - T1).


Store at -20°C.


Kit componentsGranzyme B Assay Buffer Granzyme B Substrate Positive Control (Granzyme B Enzyme, human recombinant) AFC Standard (1 mM)