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A virus is a small infectious agent that replicates inside living cells. Viruses cause many human diseases from small illnesses, like influenza, to more deadly diseases, like hepatitis B and HIV. Our body’s immune system defends against viral infection by generating specific antibodies to bind to and neutralize viral particles and by cell mediated immunity that destroys infected host cells. read more

Products for  Microbiology & Virology

  1. Cat.No. Product Name Information
  2. A8201 Amprenavir (agenerase) HIV-1 protease inhibitor
  3. A3177 AN-2690 Antifungal agent
  4. A3182 Anguizole Inhibitor of HCV replication
  5. B1224 Anidulafungin Antifungal drug
  6. A1684 Aprepitant Substance P (SP) inhibitor
  7. A8362 Arbidol HCl Antiviral chemical agent
  8. A4014 Artemether (SM-224) Semi-synthetic derivative of artemisinin
  9. A3191 Ascomycin(FK 520) Macrolide immunosuppressant,FK-520 analog
  10. A3195 Asunaprevir (BMS-650032) NS3 protease inhibitor
  11. A4040 Atazanavir sulfate (BMS-232632-05) Protease inhibitor

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