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Silent information regulator 2 (Sir2) proteins, also known as sirtuins, are a family of nicotine adenine dinucleotide (NAD) dependent protein deacetylases in organisms ranging from bacteria to humans that are characterized by the presence of a unique and highly conserved catalytic domain of approximately 260 amino acids. Sirtuins are divided into 5 classes, including Class I (subclasses Ia, Ib and Ic), Class II, Class III, Class IV (subclasses IVa and IVb) and Class U (Gram-positive bacteria specific). The catalytic domain of sirtuins is comprised of two bilobed globular domains, the large domain containing the NAD-binding pocket and the small domain binding the acetyl-lysine substrate.

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  2. B7594 Salermide New Product
  3. B7323 AGK 2 New Product
  4. A3821 SRT2104 (GSK2245840) 6-phenylimidazo[2,1-b]thiazole derivatives; sirtuin modulator.
  5. A4203 Tenovin-1 Tenovin-1, a small molecule discovered by a cell-based screen, is a bio-active activator of p53 that elevates the levels of p53 protein, p53-downstream target p21CIP/WAF1 protein and mRNA and protects p53 from mdm2-mediated degradation with little impact on p53 synthesis.
  6. A4182 Resveratrol Resveratrol is a phytoalexin produced naturally by several plants with anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, blood-sugar-lowering and other beneficial cardiovascular effects.
  7. A4181 EX 527 (SEN0014196) EX 527 (SEN0014196) is a novel, potential, and specific small-molecule inhibitor of SIRT1 catalytic activity to examine the role of SIRT1 in p53 acetylation and cell survival after DNA damage.
  8. A4180 SRT1720 HCl

    SRT1720 is a small-molecule compound which has the ability of activating the sirtuin subtype SIRT1 in vitro.

  9. C5709 AGK7
  10. C5180 JFD00244
  11. C5522 SIRT1/2 Inhibitor IV

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