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  2. P10075 Imipenem Imipenem
  3. A2532 LB Agar Miller LB culture medium
  4. A2534 LB Broth, Miller Powder microbial growth medium
  5. A2535 Peptone, bacteriological For preparation of culture media
  6. P10019 Prulifloxacin (Pruvel) Prulifloxacin (Pruvel)
  7. A2504 Supra Sieve GPG Suitable for DNA electrophoresis
  8. A2536 TB Dry High nutrient medium
  9. A2537 TB Dry, Sterile Solution High nutrient medium
  10. A2538 Tryptone Pancreatic digest of casein
  11. P10120 Tulathromycin A Tulathromycin A is a novel long-acting semi-synthetic tribasic macyocyclic antibiotic of the triamilide group, consisting of a regioisomeric, equilibrated mixture of a 15-membered (90%) and 13-membered (10%) macrocyclic ring and three basic amine groups.

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