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DNA Damage Quantification Colorimetric Kit

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Detects AP sites
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Apurinic/apyrimidinice (AP) sites are a main type of DNA lesions that occurs during base excision and repair of oxidized, deaminated or alkylated bases. The amount of AP sites in cells indicates DNA lesion and repair against cell aging and chemical damage. This kit utilizes the ARP (Aldehyde Reactive Probe) reagent that reacts with aldehyde group of the AP sites. Biotin residues are tagged onto the AP sites following the treatment of DNA containing AP sites with ARP reagents. The biotin-tagged ATP sites can be quantified by avidin-biotin assay and colorimetric detection.

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FeaturesKit provides all necessary reagents for 96-well plate format
ShippingGel pack
Storage ConditionsStore at -20°C.

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Kit componentsARP Solution TE Buffer Glycogen Solution 0 ARP-DNA Standard 40 ARP-DNA Standard DNA Binding Solution HRP-Streptavidin 10X Wash Buffer HRP Developer 96-well Microplate (8 x 12 strips)