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PARP-1/-2 inhibitor, highly potent
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A-966492 is an inhibitor of PARP-1 with Ki value of 1nM [1].

PARP-1 belongs to the poly(ADP-ribose) polymerases (PARPs) family, it contributes to the resistance happened after cancer therapy. A-966492 is a potent inhibitor of both PARP-1 and PARP-2 (Ki value of 1.5nM) with good potency in C41 whole cells (EC50 value of 1nM). A-966492 shows excellent pharmaceutical properties with oral bioavailabilities of 34-72% and half-lives of 1.7-1.9 h. Additionally, A-966492 can crosses the blood-brain barrier. A-966492 is proved potent in a murine B16F10 syngeneic melanoma model and a BRCA1-deficient MX-1 breast carcinoma model. Meanwhile, it can enhance the efficacy of TMZ and carboplatin in these models [1].

[1] Penning TD, Zhu GD, Gong J, Thomas S, Gandhi VB, Liu X, Shi Y, Klinghofer V, Johnson EF, Park CH, Fry EH, Donawho CK, Frost DJ, Buchanan FG, Bukofzer GT, Rodriguez LE, Bontcheva-Diaz V, Bouska JJ, Osterling DJ, Olson AM, Marsh KC, Luo Y, Giranda VL. Optimization of phenyl-substituted benzimidazole carboxamide poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase inhibitors: identification of (S)-2-(2-fluoro-4-(pyrrolidin-2-yl)phenyl)-1H-benzimidazole-4-carboxamide (A-966492), a highly potent and efficacious inhibitor. J Med Chem. 2010 Apr 22;53(8):3142-53.

Chemical Properties

Physical AppearanceA solid
StorageStore at -20°C
Cas No.934162-61-5
Solubility≥32.4 mg/mL in DMSO, ≥3.16 mg/mL in EtOH with ultrasonic and warming, ≥16.53 mg/mL in H2O with ultrasonic
Chemical Name2-[2-fluoro-4-[(2S)-pyrrolidin-2-yl]phenyl]-1H-benzimidazole-4-carboxamide
SDFDownload SDF
Canonical SMILESC1CC(NC1)C2=CC(=C(C=C2)C3=NC4=C(C=CC=C4N3)C(=O)N)F
Shipping ConditionEvaluation sample solution : ship with blue ice.All other available size: ship with RT , or blue ice upon request
General tipsFor obtaining a higher solubility , please warm the tube at 37 ℃ and shake it in the ultrasonic bath for a while.Stock solution can be stored below -20℃ for several months.

Biological Activity

A-966492 is a novel and potent inhibitor of PARP1 and PARP2 with Ki of 1 nM and 1.5 nM, respectively.
Targets PARP1 PARP2        
IC50 1 nM 1.5 nM        

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